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How to Configure the Downloader Tab Settings

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The current version of Media Center Master is 2.14. Version 1.32 has been used for many the examples in the wiki, so beware that some of the options may be expanded or look different than various screen shots.

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All of the settings and configurations made, to this point, with Media Center Master, and uTorrent, to start and complete an automated process of downloading, renaming, moving completed torrents... are Basic, General, settings. The following steps outline detailed specifics to make an availability of an unknown, large, number of torrents in a pool to select from, and detailed specifics to set known limits, restricting, the number of torrents to fetch from the pool. These settings will allow for a relatively short, and fast, first run.

Step 1 - Open the Settings & Preferences" window through the "Application" menu.


Specific Information

This is the first of two (2) parts to define: specific settings which will ensure the downloading of a minimum of one (1) up to a maximum of five (5) TV Series Episodes during the first run.

  • Not enabling "Allow torrents with archived files" option, removes any possible issues related to archived files.(1)
  • Enabling the remaining four (4) "Allow torrents with ..." options,
  • Not selecting a preferred video standard option,
  • Not selecting a country bias, and
  • Using all of the torrent sources:
  • Provides for an unknown, large, torrent pool for selection.
  • Allows Media Center Master to fetch any .torrent file for a TV episode that otherwise would be missed.
  • Back dating the calender for one (1) month;
  • Provides for a maximum of four (4), or five (5), weekly, episodes, depending on what day of the week the TV Series airs.
  • Takes into consideration,
  • Holidays, Special Showings of..., Special News/Current Event, and/or other minor breaks in a TV Series Season
  • No torrent/s created for an episode, missed episode/s by torrent up-loader on vacation..., episode/s not made available for downloading for other reasons.
  • New TV Series Season just starting only having one (1) aired episode during the chosen month span.
  • Provides for a minimum of at least one (1), weekly, episode.

... archived files.(1)

Enabling the "Allow torrents with archived files" would require users to manually un-archive and remove the archived files. A feature for complete processing of archived files is in the "Beta" release phase, at the time of this writing. The "Allow torrents with archived files" option can be used with the "Beta" feature option. Use of both options is intended for testing and to be used by advance users. Neither of these featured options are recommended for new users, or for the first run.

Step 2a - In the "Downloader" tab settings, do the following:

  • Tick the check box for "Enable TV downloads,"
  • Make sure the check box for "Allow torrents with archived files" is not checked,
  • Tick the check box for "Allow torrents with .WMV/>ASF,"
  • Tick the check box for "Allow torrents with .MPG/MPEG,"
  • Tick the check box for "Allow torrents with .FLV,"
  • Tick the "pull down menu button" (∨) for "Skip TV episode before:" to get the pop-up calender,
  • Tick the "back button" (<) on the calender to set the date back one month,


Additional Information
  • This step configures the location of where Media Center Master will save a fetched .torrent file for uTorrent to read and process.
  • The second location, if left blank, will be automatically configured by Media Center Master.
  • By default, this will be the same location as listed in the "Save T.V. torrents files to:" user entry field.
  • This location will not be visible until the "Setting and Preferences" window is saved, closed, and reopened.

Step 2b - "Downloader" tab settings, continued

  • Tick the "browse button" (…) for "Save T.V. torrent files to:," once to close the calender, and again to open the "Browse for Folder" window,
  • Browse to the uTorrent Folder Structure, created in the "How to set up a Folder Structure for uTorrent" guide,
  • Click on the "torrent Files" folder to select, then click "OK."


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