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How to Enable the Web User Interface of uTorrent

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The current version of Media Center Master is 2.14. Version 1.32 has been used for many the examples in the wiki, so beware that some of the options may be expanded or look different than various screen shots.

Official/Unofficial Wiki Pages Most of the content on the wiki was written by fans and users like yourself. If a page is marked as Official, then the content was written with official information (usually by the software author).

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***** Disclaimer -- read this before using Torrent Downloader *****

Additional Information
  • The username will remain visible, if it is forgotten.
  • The password will be hidden at the time of typing it in, and will remain hidden.
  • Be sure to write the password down and save it in a safe location.
  • The username and password will be required to configure Media Center Master in another guide.

For uTorrent v1.8 - v2.2.1 users, continue with Step 1a.
For uTorrent v3.0.0 users, continue with Step 1b.

Step 1a - For uTorrent v1.8 - v2.2.1 users, click on “Web UI” in the left menu.

  • Tick the check box for “Enable Web UI,”
  • Enter a Username and
  • Password


Step 1b - For uTorrent v3.0.0 users, expand the "Advanced" listing in the list to the left,

  • Select "Web UI", then do the following:
  • Tick the check box for “Enable Web UI,”
  • Enter a Username and
  • Password


Step 2 - Applies to all uTorrent versions, click on “Advanced” in the left menu.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list on the right side and
  • Click on “webui.token_auth,”
  • Tick the radio button for “False,” then
  • Click the “OK” Button to complete the custom settings for uTorrent.


Additional Information

Exit the uTorrent Program to save your settings.

Step 3 - Close out the uTorrent Application Window.

  • Click on red “X” at the top right of your screen,
  • Exit the uTorrent Program
  • Right click on the uTorrent Icon 51.utorrent.icon.png
  • Bottom right of your screen, then
  • Click on “exit” in the pop-up menu.

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