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How to Interpret the First Run

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The current version of Media Center Master is 2.14. Version 1.32 has been used for many the examples in the wiki, so beware that some of the options may be expanded or look different than various screen shots.

Official/Unofficial Wiki Pages Most of the content on the wiki was written by fans and users like yourself. If a page is marked as Official, then the content was written with official information (usually by the software author).

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  • This guide follows the Installing Media Center Master with it's subsections, as a complete guide, without making any changes to the defined settings.
  • Using these steps in any other manner will not reproduce what is shown in the examples.

Additional Information
  • The following screen shots were chosen from a group of several test runs.
  • This selective process was done to get a specific rendering of a test run; in order to follow one (1) of several downloads(*) through the complete process, and to provide for a short, but informative guide.
  • The screen shots are taken in sequential real time order.
  • Your results will vary depending on several issues, such as: popularity of the TV Series chosen, internet speed, time of day, torrent availability at fetcher sites, torrent swarm ratios...
  • The test run, shown in the examples, updated and organized the TV Series with four (4) episodes, related meta-data, and image files in 21 minutes.

(*)The configured sittings used in these guides should download a minimum of one (1) episode up to a maximum of five (5) episodes.

Step 1 - At 11:01 AM a record of events processed by Media Center Master is shown in the "Log" window with time stamps. According to the "Log", Media Center Master:

  • Searched for new and missing episodes for "Covert Affair",
  • Found four (4) torrents at the "EZTV.it" site
  • Indicates in "red" there was "no results" during the search routine for episode 6 using the primary season/episode format (S02E06).
  • Using a different format for season/episode (2x06), a torrent file was found and saved.
  • Handed the .torrent files off to uTorrent for saving
  • uTorrent processed the .torrent files and started downloading the torrent downloads into the "New Downloads" folder.


Step 2 - Media Center Master continues to log all process:

  • In one (1) minute intervals it attempts to keep the series up to date. No other downloads are saved because it has recorded successful downloads in a meta-data file it uses for processing.
  • At 11:06 AM, five (5) minutes after starting, it attempts to parse/process new downloads. Again, nothing is done because it does not find any completed downloads in the monitoring folder.


Step 3 - At 11:11 AM, computer time, the first download is completed in uTorrent and moved from the "New Downloads" folder to the "Competed Downloads" folder for processing.

  • Notice, Media Center Master does not log the processes of uTorrent.


Step 4 - At 11:11 AM Media Center Master handles several process.

  • Ten (10) minutes after starting, it uses the uTorrent integration feature and removes the first completed torrent in uTorrent.
  • Second, five (5) minute interval, after starting, it parses/processes the completed download found in the monitoring folder.
  • It renames the downloaded file, removing all torrent tags, and uses TV Series Name, a season/episode format, and includes episode title.
  • Using the information it obtained in the renaming, it creates the Season 2 folder.
  • It moves the renamed file from the uTorrent folder structure to the Season 2 folder.
  • It fetches all associated meta-data, a poster, a thumbnail, and stored them in appropriate files and folders.


Step 5 - At 11:17 Media Center Master has completed parsing/processing the remaining three (3) downloads into the proper folders for the TV Series,


Step 6 - At 11:21 AM, second ten (10) minute interval for uTorrent integration processing.

  • It is busy keeping TV Series up to date (timing slightly off because of meta-data, poster, and thumbnail downloading, and other internal processing)
  • At 11:22 AM, 21 minutes after starting, it removes the remaining three (3) completed torrents in uTorrent.


Step 7 - The first run is complete.

  • There are no files left in the uTorrent "Folder Structure."
  • The .torrent file (control file), saved into this folder by Media Center Master was deleted, after being read by uTorrent.(1)
  • All of the video downloads were individual files.(2)(3)
  • There is no clean up, maintenance to be preform after the completion of the test run.
  • These files were obtained by uTorrent with information from the .torrent file, and
  • Saved into the "New Downloads" folder,
  • Upon completion the downloads were moved into the "Completed Downloads" folder, then
  • Media Center Master moved them into the "TV Shows Archive" folder structure.
  • The New TV Series is up to date.(4)
  • A numbered "Season" folder was created for the renamed video downloads,
  • The renamed video downloads were moved into the "Season" folder and
  • An image file relating to the season was found, downloaded and moved into the "Season" folder.


(1) - The settings used for the first run were selected to reduce the number of steps in these guides, thereby removing additional confusion, and to provide an example of an automated process with no requirements to preform maintenance afterwards, by deleting the .torrent files after the downloads are loaded. Should a user wish to store and/or move the .torrent files for future use: (an) additional folder/s would need to be created in the guide, "How to Set-Up a Folder Structure for uTorrent" (e.g., "Stored Torrents," "Moved Finished Jobs"), to store these files; additional steps to set the location/s would be needed in the guide, "How to Specify Locations to the uTorrent Folder Structure," after Step 4; and the option which enabled "Delete loaded .torrents," in Step 5, would need to be disabled by removing it's check mark.
(2) - The settings used for the first run were selected to reduce any possible problems by not using a new "Beta" feature. There should be no folders downloaded containing a video in an archived (e.g., .rar) format, because the setting for "Allow torrents with archived files" option, shown in Step 2a of the guide, "How to Configure the Downloader Tab Settings," was not enabled. For advance users wishing to include archived files in the downloads, this option would need to be enabled. The user would, also, be required to un-archive the files and remove all of the archived files and it's folder, manually, or, enable the "Beta" features for: "Attempt to extract from archives (please report problems at the forums!) BETA!", and "Automatically clean-up folders left behind by T.V. downloads (if no video files or archives exits) BETA!," shown in the guide, "How to Configure the Download Parser Tab Settings - Transparent Effect." The option is located at the bottom of the settings and preferences screen shot.
(3) - The settings used for the first run were selected to reduce any possible problems by not using a new "Beta" feature. At times a folder will be downloaded containing the video and also include some other miscellaneous folders and/or files related to the video, or the torrent download. The video file will be processed/parsed and moved into the "TV Shows Archive" and the downloaded folder with all of its remaining content is left untouched, requiring clean-up by the user. The second "Beta" feature, "Automatically clean-up folders left behind by T.V. downloads (if no video files or archives exits) BETA!," shown in the guide, "How to Configure the Download Parser Tab Settings - Transparent Effect," can be enabled for users wishing to test it. The option is located at the bottom of the settings and preferences screen shot. Note this feature is only available for T.V. downloads.
(4) - Not shown in the examples is the hidden "metadata" folder. It contains the meta-data and image files for the related video downloads.

Step 8 - To test a full automated run from boot up,

  • Go back to the "How to Add a New TV Series" guide and select a different show.
  • Exit the program through Application>Exit, then reboot.
  • After rebooting, Media Center Master should open, then
  • One (1) minute after building and refreshing the cache
  • The automated processing will start.

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