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Template:General Broadcast Announcement - place on top of each page

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This is the "General Broadcast Announcement - place on top of each page" Template.

It should be called with the following format:


Edit the page to see the template text.

Media Center Master's Wiki Editing Guide
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The current version of Media Center Master is 2.05. There are major changes to the program as to how it is represented in the wiki. The changes are on going and makes it difficult to up date the wiki.

As of December 11, 2012, for premium licensed users, only, Media Center Master has it's own, private, NZB Indexing Site. There is no additional account registration required to use the indexing service with Media Center Master. A complete Quick Set-up: Premium Version, Usenet Downloads guide is available in the wiki.

The biggest change in Version 2.04 took place were the "log," and "media summary" viewing area use to be. After adding media and clicking on a title from the media list, several tabs (i.e., Log, Summary, Metadata, and Files) will appear in the right side pane. More tabs are scheduled to be added in the future, such as: Media Info, Trailers/Subtitles, and a Episode Metadata Editor.

There have also been several changes made in the "Settings and Preferences" tabs. Some new tabs, and new settings have been added. The "Renaming" tab was changed to "Organization," and several of the old settings have been move from one tab to another. None of the settings have been removed from the program.

Version 1.32 is used for the examples in the wiki, unless otherwise noted. Although it may take a bit more work to find some settings, the wiki is still a valuable tool for a new user to get Media Center Master up and running. All of the settings used in the guides for a test run are still available, and should be used as described in the guides.

This is a work in progress, please be patient.

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